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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Stop Selling America!

America is facing one of its biggest challenges in its history. The constitution is under attack, and it is not from another country, but from within its own government. Politicians that lead this country have become corrupt and are willing to sell our freedoms for their own benefit and gain. With the recent health care bill, we have seen politicians use the opportunity to sell their principles for their own gain.

Senator Nelson from Nebraska stated initially that he could not support the bill based on principles. After being promised a special deal for his state, he changed his mind. The bill did not change. If he really believed in "principles", he would not have agreed to the deal. If it is bad, it doesn't become good because of a deal. This Senator has a lot of explaining to do about his "principles" to his state and the nation.

Because politicians have lost touch with what America really stands for, they have sold their morals and values without having any conscience about what they are doing to the country. The only way that this bill could pass was to make special deals. These deals use taxpayer money to payoff the politicians who are only interested in their own personal gain and fortune. Senator Dodd from Connecticut agreed to the bill after inserting an amendment that could award one university in his state $100 million dollars. That's $100 million dollars of your money used as a bargaining chip for this evil bill!

It is interesting to note that such a bill with its enormous impact on our society has been kept a secret or withheld from public viewing. Why are they afraid to allow the public to review the bill before a vote is taken? Maybe it is because there are "pork deals" within the bill that they do not want the public to know.  Remember the "stimulus bill"? How many "pork deals" were included in that bill?

The health care bill is filled with sleazy deals and unconstitutional statements. What the sleazy politicians really want is to control every thing that Americans do in their lives. Since January 2009, the liberals have fought to gain control of our auto industry, the banking industry, and now the health care industry. This is not the direction that our founding fathers had in mind when they created this country.

Some may say that the health care bill is good for the country. These people only are looking at this with tunnel vision. They only see people having access to health care. What they do not see is the cost that every American will have to pay for this evil bill. The problem with government run programs is that they are never successful and government continues to make adjustments to the programs to keep them running. Remember Cash for Clunkers? This program exceeded its initial cost estimate and the government had to re-examine its budget and increase it to meet the demands. Remember, the money they used was our money! Your tax dollars at work.

So, if we could not manage this program within the initial budget, how can we believe that we can afford health care for everyone? The cost of surgery alone is astronomical for even just one person. Some health care bills for one individual may exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Times that by just a few thousand and the costs are into the billions of dollars, possibly even into the trillions! If we have to carry this huge financial burden, we will become a bankrupt people. We will become dependent upon other countries to support us. Countries like China who already see our financial demise and are unwilling to invest in our currency.

As these politicians make deals to sell our freedoms, our financial stability, and our future, we must push these politicians out of office and attempt to elect individuals who are more interested in the future of America rather than their own. Don't let these evil politicians sell America down the river. Stand up to these politicians and don't stop until America is free again from the liberal, evil politician leadership. Keep the faith and keep fighting for our right to be free from government control. Be the patriot we need in America!


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.


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