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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

America At Its Best

Over the past few months, Americans all over the country are voicing their opinions about our government and their dissatisfaction with the direction of our country. From town halls to hosted tea parties, the voice of the people is beginning to speak louder than the main stream media and the special interest groups. While there is still a long way to go, it is great to see and hear the voice of the people.  

The voice of the people has always been the strength of this country. While politicians attempt to tell us what and how we should think, the message is becoming louder and more clear. The people do not like their freedoms being sold down the river to socialistic ideals or anti-American concepts. Over the past 40 or more years, the liberal media and politicians have been slowly battling our traditions of family, capitalism, and patriotism.

The liberals and main stream media have attempted to brainwash the American public about how to raise our children, what is normal and what is not normal, and even redefine the definition of morality. If you look at the examples that some of our politicians are providing us, you see corruption going unpunished. You see immorality being accepted as a normal part of life. You see politicians lying to the people without being held accountable. Politicians evading taxes, dishonoring their marriages, and working with radical groups that attempt to overthrow our American principles are not the examples that we seek in leaders of our great nation.

Today, the voice of the people are shouting back at the politicians as they grow tired of the shenanigans that appears rampant in Washington today. The liberals try to down play this movement. They are loosing this battle every day as the voice of the people grows stronger. Initially, they called the American voices "nazies", radicals, and other bogus names. As the voice grew louder, they changed their tune and stated that the voice was a minority of American people and it didn't represent all of America.

The pressure that the voice of the people placed on some politicians is having a huge impact.  The people are beginning to change the direction of some leaders as President Obama is finding it harder and harder to sell his "Obamacare". He is finding it harder to persuade the American people about his radical agenda for America.

America is truly at its best when it fights for its freedoms.  Today our freedoms are under attack. President Obama seeks a "world order", attempting to undermine everything that America represents. No longer does he have the backing of the people to do whatever he desires with this country. His poll numbers are dropping and the voice of the people are becoming louder. Yes, America is at its best in fighting for our freedoms. Join the fight and raise your voice against such evil doings. Protect your freedoms from socialistic bondage and anti-American slavery. Today is the day that the voice of the people stand together to keep America free.

Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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