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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Covering Up Blunders

Our government continues to implement laws that cover up their blunders.  With the deficit climbing up over 11 trillion dollars the democrats have no one to blame but themselves.  Our taxes will sky rocket over the next few years to pay for their incompetence and inexperience decision making skills.  The biggest tax hike that we will face comes from the "global warming" bill that the House just passed.  Over a thousand pages, we once again see that the Democrats are rushing bills through without reading them.  It boggles my mind to think that our government is so careless with our freedoms.  They are passing legislation without even knowing what it is that they are voting on.  This is dangerous and will set America back to where we were before the American Revolution. 

In the early and mid 1700s, a king placed heavy burdens on the people.  He decided to tax everything that he could to make money off of the Americans.  We could not stop him from doing this as he was the ruler over us.  A tyrant who had his way with the people.  Fortunately, a few brave and noble individuals began to stand up to the king. In the end, it was the people that had the last word on the matter.

Because of the struggles that these early Americans faced, they established a government that would split the governing powers into three sections.  This new government was meant to prohibit one person from ruling over the people.  So, the president was limited in his powers, as were the legislative and the judicial branches. So long as good men and women served our country in these capacities, the people would be governed in freedom. 

Today, we see the wickedness of congress and the greed of their doings.  They have forgotten who they serve.  They have lost touch with the people.   They continue to raise our taxes. They don't care that taxes are raised because many of them do not pay their taxes.  They politically raise funds by passing laws that help donors of their campaigns. The "pork deals" in recent laws are unbelievably selfish and unwise in a time of "a financial crisis".   They bask in the fame and fortune while they sit upon their seats making moral judgments that exempt their immoral actions.  They have become drunken with vanity and money. They do all of this while sitting behind their enthroned positions as Americans continue to suffer both economically and emotionally.

Today, two of the three branches of government are ruled by one person, President Obama. With a democrat House and Senate, they cater to every whim of President Obama.  His agenda is dangerous and will inflict heavy burdens on all Americans whether you are rich or poor.  Businesses face greater challenges as the democrats, with their anti-business agenda, will continually penalize industries to the point that they will seek other countries to do their business.  Raising the costs of production due to higher taxes will evidentially cause businesses to do more with less, causing the labor force to dwindle.  This dwindling of the labor force will widen the gap of poverty and many hard working Americans will find themselves without employment. 

The deceit and immoral behaviors of the leaders of this country will destroy the dreams and hopes of every soldier, sailor, marine, airmen/airwomen who sacrificed their time and life to the cause of freedom.  Slowly, they real us into their schemes and trap us in their socialistic snares. 

America is growing tired and facing huge financial burdens.  How much more can we take until we see another Boston Massacre or another Paul Revere screaming that the radicals are coming? What must we endure in order to wake up our government representatives and hold them accountable for every vote that they make on our behalf?  From national security fears to economic woes, our government lures us into false hope.

As Americans, it is time that we raise our voices.  Stop the insanity that is being presented to the people. Please call your congressmen/congresswomen and senators and tell them to honor your freedoms and stop passing laws without reading them.  Let them know that you are holding them accountable for every vote that they make.  Please America, let's put an end to the blunders that seem to be facing this nation with this incompetent administration. Let's remember those brave and noble individuals who stood up to a tyrant and made a difference for all of us.  Let's remember that we are Americans who demand and fight to be free.


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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