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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

The Hypocrisy Of The Politicians

Our history often portrays leaders of this country as role models and examples of men and women of integrity and honesty. Over the recent years, this idea has dwindled into the abyss. Politicians sit in high positions throughout the land passing judgement on people, cities, states, and businesses as if they are immuned to the laws of the land.

There are three points of views that we must always consider when voting for our political representatives: 1-What policians say, 2- What politicians do, and 3- How we see it.

What Politicians Say
What Politicians Do
How Patriots See It
Bailout Funds

Democrat Paul Hodes stated that he will back a bill to tax Wall St. execs who got bonuses over $400,000 from government bailout funds.

Bailout Funds

Judicial Watch said the newly obtained 2,000 pages of documentation show Pelosi's military travel cost the U.S. Air Force $2,100,744.59 over two years – including $101,429.14 for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.

Bailout Funds

The perks included for politicians are no different than business execs receiving a bonus from bailout funds. Politician use, and are paid from, public funds to support them in their jobs. Do they hold themselves to the same standards? No. This is just out right hypocrisy!

Stimulus Bill

Pres. Obama on the Stimulus Bill: "My administration is committed to doing all that's necessary to address this crisis and lead us to a better day."

Stimulus Bill

The Stimulus bill included:

Senator Tom Harkin's $2 million swine odor research project.

$87 million for an ice breaking ship

$448 million to construct a new Home Land Security Headquarters

$650 million for digital TV coupons


Stimulus Bill

Are these the kind of things that you spend your money on in a "crisis"? In a "crisis", do we need an ice breaking ship? In a "crisis", do we need digital TV? In a "crisis", do we really need a new headquarters building?

President Obama really played America on this by calling it a crisis. $650 million could have helped a lot of people to get through the unemployment times! Hypocrites are everywhere in Washington, and he is one of the biggest hypocrites of them all.


Politicians are constantly preaching taxes.

Pres. Obama: "We need to be sure that when a company says it's paying taxes, that company is, in fact, paying taxes."

Timothy Geithner: "Today we are taking another important step toward those goals by ending indefensible tax breaks and loopholes which allow some companies and some well-off citizens to evade the rules that the rest of America lives by."


Senator Robert Brown has not filed taxes for 2 years

Representative Charlie Rangel evades taxes

US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner evaded taxes




These politicians raise our taxes and yet they do not pay their fair share of the taxes. They are hypocrites and do not deserve our votes and our money! They give us false hopes and empty dreams of an America that offers much.

Unfortunately, they only seek their own fortune and trample on the rest of us. This is why you can never trust a politician.

If deals are being made in Washington, you can be certain that the deal is not in our best interest but for the politician's own future and gain. Integrity, honesty, and transparency is rare in Washington. Voter beware.

Financial Corruption

When congress raised issues with such people as Bernie Madoff, Countrywide CEO, and other scandals, they appeared to point the finger while looking the other way for their own criminal behavior.

Financial Corruption

Senator Chris Dodd involved in numerous scandals

Democrat Rep. William Jefferson in Bribe Scandal

Dozens of lawmakers under ethic violations investigations

Financial Corruption

When criminals convict criminals then you know our system is corrupt. It is amazing that these elected public servants are void of any comprehension of right and wrong. It is only wrong when it is not in their best interest. If it benefits them, then it must be right. What kind of examples are they portraying to the future of this country? These are truly hypocrites who need to be voted out of office.

While these are only a few points to consider, there are many areas within our government that needs an overhaul, including those at the very top of the chain. When Harriet Miers was nominated for the Supreme Court Judge, then Senator Obama claimed that she did not have any experience as a Judge and should not be considered for this position. Today, President Obama has nominated an individual who does not have any experience as a Judge and now it is ok? Where are those governing principles that a leader must have to build consistency and strength to our country? Is he just a flip-flopper who changes his values because it is convenient? This is the hypocrisy that will ruin our country and drag us down to the depths of despair.

As Americans we need to unite and fight against such immoral behavior. From our beginnings we sought for leaders who could build this country up and strengthen its people to be productive and independent. It is time that we take a stand for those values that make us great and free. We are noble people who have given much to the world. We have sent our sons and daughters into combat to protect the innocent and the less fortunate. We have been a light to the world on many fronts. Now, with leaders who directly, or indirectly, attempt to ruin our capitalistic society are destroying this great nation to a point that we will no longer be able to be that light to the world.

Through such organizations as the Tea Parties we can regain our place in the world that offers everyone a chance to be free and live the dreams that they desire. Let not the politician persuade us and shield us from the truth of what they truly desire. Let us stand firm in holding on to our values and fight to keep this country free from socialistic and communistic ideals. Let those who have given their lives for this country be proud that we carry on the banner of freedom and hope and that everyone has the same opportunities. Let us tame our government and keep it within the confines that our founding fathers meant this government to be. Be the patriot we all need to survive this historic battle against our capitalistic society. Be brave. Be bold. Be Americans!

Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.


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