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A Look Back At Pres. Bush

For the past eight years, the media has attempted to destroy President Bush and all that he stood for.  Fortunately, their evil and unjust reports will be over shadowed by the man and his accomplishments as history begins to take a closer look at his presidency. 

There have been few presidents in our history who took a stand against those who have literally tried to kill and destroy our people and our way of life. President Bush's leadership, principles, and moral courage were critical in keeping America safe from terrorists.   So as we look back at the last eight years, let's just review some of the accomplishments of President George W. Bush.

1. Since September 11, 2001, we have not been attacked on our own soil.  This took a lot of leadership, trust, and hard work to make this happen.  Thank you President Bush for keeping us safe!

2. He took the fight to the enemy.  Unafraid to make the necessary changes to keep us safe, President Bush took the first step to stop the enemy in harming America.  Unlike the other political parties, he didn't wait until another thousand or more Americans were killed to launch an attack.  His foresight and courage of combating a 21st Century terrorist threat was instrumental in keeping people like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussain in check.  Thank you President Bush for keeping us safe!

3. He led the country through two major conflicts: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.   With pressure surmounting from various political parties and opposing country leaders, President Bush never wavered in his leadership.  He stood the course in spite of what the polls said or opposing political media outlets reported.  Because of his great leadership, more than 50 million people have been liberated.  Not too many past presidents can say that!  Here are some other facts:

  • The mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured and is in custody.
  • Saddam Hussain was captured, tried by his own people, and executed in accordance to Iraqi laws
  • The new Iraqi forces have now taken two thirds of the country's security responsibilities and have reduced the number of terrorist attacks.
  • More than six million girls now attend Afghan schools
  • Democracy is thriving successfully in the heart of the middle east and equality for all is now possible as women are directly involved in obtaining political positions within their country.

4. President Bush established the Director of National Intelligence which allowed all intelligence agencies to communicate and work together.  Unlike previous administrations, President Bush saw the need for the FBI, CIA, and local police departments to work together to prevent terrorist attacks.

5. President Bush provided humanitarian assistance to other countries, including Africa. He provided more that $1.5 billion dollars in new funding for humanitarian and peacekeeping aid to Dafar  (more than any other president).  He committed $1 billion through the African Education Initiative and the Initiative for Expanded Education for World's Poorest Children to educate children in poor nations.

6. He lowered taxes which helped turn around the economy recession when he took office in 2001.  His ideas that surpluses belong to the people, not the government was visionary in protecting our economy.  The tax relief helped fuel growth that led to the largest three-year increase in revenues in 26 years!

7. In the last five years he saved taxpayers nearly $40 billion by ending or reforming ineffective federal programs. A great start in reducing the fat of many government programs.

8. He established the No Child Left Behind Act which helped increase the percentage of first graders reading at grade level in 44 of 50 states.  His focus on education was instrumental in improving the number of charter schools in the US and the funding for Pell grants.

9. He established the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit program with a 90% satisfaction rate from senior citizens. 

10.  He doubled the funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This funding assisted in caring for those who defended our country.

11. He contributed to the development of environmental safe technologies.  Between 2001 and 2008, the US committed more than $22 billion total to climate change technology research.  More than 220 Preserve American grants were awarded in more than 650 communities in all 50 states to protect America's cultural and natural heritage.  Record funding was also provided to repair and improve our national parks.

12. He signed the PROTECT Act which gave law enforcement new tools to prevent, investigate, and prosecute violent crimes against children and increase the punishment for these crimes.

13.  His administration awarded approximately $10 billion to support local housing and service programs that contributed to the decline in homelessness.

14. He appointed judges who judge according to the laws rather than establishing new laws from the bench.  His principles of upholding the intentions of the constitution concerning the powers of making laws was instrumental in the selection of judges John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.  These same principles were upheld by his administration in appointing other judges of the land.

There are many more accomplishments of President Bush during his presidency.  In time, history will reveal that his presidency was a turning point in protecting our country and our way of life.  As he completes his successful presidency, it is a great honor to say "Thank you, Mr. President for serving bravely, boldly, and honorably!" As a nation, we are indebted to your service over the past eight years and may God bless you and your family!

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