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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

New Attack Against The Iraq War

Recently, the media has introduced, or re-introduced,  a new excuse for their position against the Iraq War.  They are now saying that the American troops are doing a good job, but the Iraqis are not stepping up to help defend their country.  I am baffled at this ridiculous statement.  Iraqis have been stepping up to defend their country for years now.  I find such statements insulting to the many courageous Iraqi soldiers and police men and women serving to protect and defend their country.  Such statements are damaging to the political progress with the Iraqi government and reduces confidence of the people of Iraq in our ability to assist them in obtaining their freedoms.

First, let's just look at the facts.   Iraq was a country devastated by a brutal dictator.  A dictator worse than what our early American fore-fathers ever endured before gaining their freedom.  Because the Iraqi people were demoralized and suppressed by this tyrant, they first had to overcome the psychological barrier that a chance for freedom was a reality.  Their past history taught them that the end of a brutal dictatorship must result in the capture and death of the tyrant.  You can't blame them for this as previous wars brought death to those who opposed the tyrant.

Second, since the capture of Saddam and his evil government leaders, the Iraqi people have been gaining the trust in our cause and have continued to step up and fight for their freedom.  Here's the real story:

“The people here are helping us out with information that is vital,” says Capt. Brent H. McClellan, the company commanding officer. “Especially, ever since the Iraqi police were put in place, we’ve had full support from them.” (Story)

Al-Moussawi addressed the progress made by the Iraqi Army in the past week. “We’ve killed 32 terrorists, detained 170 others, freed five kidnapped (victims), defused eight improvised explosive devices and 17 car bombs, found 2,000 different kinds of weapons and seized eight tons of TNT,” said Al-Moussawi.  (Story)

“It’s wonderful that the Americans are doing all the things they do,” Sebeh said. “The situation here has gotten much better since the arrests after those Soldiers were kidnapped. We’re free to walk around now, thanks to the Americans. And when people come to harass us, we kick them out.” (Story)

For a second time this week, a large cache consisting of improvised explosive device-making material and mortar rounds was turned over to Coalition Forces by the “Neighborhood Watch” in Taji, Iraq.  The Taji neighborhood watch contacted Coalition Forces June 25, after the driver of a truck fled the scene when the volunteers stopped a suspicious vehicle moving through the rural village of Abd Allah al Jasim. The vehicle contained 24 mortar rounds, two rockets, spare machine gun barrels, small arms ammunition and other IED-making material. (Story)

I could go on and on to list how the courageous Iraqis are stepping up and defending their country.  While the media tries to sensationalize the deaths of our brave men and women, they often forget that the patriots of the Iraqi people are also fighting and sacrificing for the same cause.  Their heroic acts are not only helping them to secure freedom, but they are also protecting the lives of our courageous men and women serving in the Iraq War.

Stop the lies that politics so easily spread to promote their own political agendas.  Our men and women in the military are doing great things in Iraq.  And, so are the Iraqi patriots!


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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