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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Raise Your Voice

As our troops face challenges in the middle east, our government leaders continue to make havoc of our country.   Our troops are fighting for freedom from oppression and communistic ideals.   Our leaders back home our fighting for their own personal gain and political status.   Where is the America that was once the great nation of the world? 

Over time, our leaders have slowly sold their souls to the devil.   They have forgotten why we became Americans in the first place.   They have sought to undo everything that our founding fathers had implemented.  Our founding fathers wanted us to be free from government and the chains of dictatorship. They wanted us to be in charge of our own destiny.  They implemented sound principles that provided the basic foundation of freedom for all.

We are now in a turmoil of political battles that seek to destroy the very essence of who we are and the foundations that made us Americans. Over the last few decades, politicians have implemented programs that reduced the hope that people can achieve what they desire in life.  They appeal to the lazy and the weak.  They seek to turn our country into a socialistic society.  A society that the people become dependant upon the government for all of its needs.  This idea of socialism is dangerous and should be confronted with much resistance. Socialism is the opposite of Americanism.

Our current leadership believes in the "spread the wealth" philosophy.   While many politicians speak these terms with their mouths, their hearts are far from these ideals.  They attempt to take more money from Americans, but are unwilling to contribute their share of the tax burden.  Many have evaded from paying taxes (Georgia politicians, Treasury Secretary). 

These corrupt leaders seek to take your hard-earned income and spread it out to those who take the easy way out in life.  These individuals who suck the blood, sweat, and tears of your labors live in a work-free environment.  While you slave over daily stresses of work, these individuals are taking your money and purchasing their next video game, drink, or some other habit forming item to pleasure themselves. These individuals hide behind failed government programs that swindle hard working Americans out of their own money.

As this so called "change" of government is selling false hope to Americans, our politicians are laughing all they way to the bank.   They sell their votes for lobbyist money in earmarked spending bills.  They care nothing about the future of America except for their own collection of fortune and fame as they attend fancy dinners and rub shoulders with Hollywood movie stars.  While there may be some who truly have a desire to uphold the constitution, the majority are lavishly spending your hard-earned money.

As the President attempts to fight CEOs of corporations about their bonus money and salaries, he spends tax payer dollars on lavish parties, unnecessary air travel, and other ridiculous spending. If he really wants to protect tax-payer money, then he should cook his own meals, mow his own grass, and drive his own car like many tax-paying Americans do.  The many perks that he gets as a president is equal to a CEO bonus.  So while he talks down to CEOs, he should look in the mirror.

In spite of all of these political attempts to sabotage our founding principles, I am confident that America will win this political battle.  Through history, America has survived many hardships and painful decisions from incorrect policies.  We survived because of the voice of the people.  As we begin to raise our voices to our leaders and to start making them accountable for every dollar spent, American will survive this political turmoil.  It is time that we raise our voices to our leaders.  Call them. Write to them.  Tell them to be true to America. If you love America, them invoke your right as a citizen to hold our leaders accountable for every decision that they make on our behalf.


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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