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Military Care Package - How to
Help a Soldier Abroad

By: Kyle Taylor

There are approximately 1.4 million men and women serving in the United States armed forces. These young men and women risk their lives everyday to help keep us safe at home and protect the freedoms that we all cherish. They are often serving in poor living conditions without access to basic items like we take for granted.

Here is how to send a military care package:

1. Collect Items of Need - Soldiers can often go months without being able to get simple supplies like toiletries. Chapstick, toothpaste/toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, sunblock, phone cards, t-shirts, underwear, and socks.

2. Collect Items to Entertain - Ever try to read an Iraqi Newspaper? Please send books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and games. Check with your soldier to make sure they have a DVD or CD player before sending your package. Also, if you are sending something to do with electronics don't forget to send batteries.

3. Add a Thank you card - Sometime a simple thanks can be the most powerful gift we can give to our troops. The kids can even get involved and write letters or draw pictures.

4. Get an Address - If you are helping a friend or family member that is currently serving be sure to get their APO (Army Post Office) address so that the package will end up in the right hands. If you don't have a particular soldier in mind there are lots of organizations that will pair you up with a soldier in need. Please remember that the post office will need you to fill out a customs form declaring what is in the package since they are delivering overseas.

Thanks for helping our troops this year. I'm sure your military care package will bring a smile to our troops serving abroad. Please also make a donation to the USO which provides entertainment and invaluable resources to our troop at home and abroad. Please visit

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