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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Taking Back America

In the month of August, we have witnessed the awakening of the silent majority. As liberal leaders attempt to dance around issues like they normally do, the American people are not applauding. They are fired up and angry that our leaders are attempting to destroy our constitution and rid us of our freedoms.  The days of the liberal insanity is coming to a close. Unfortunately, conservatism has a long a way to go to get America back on its feet again.

The change that Obama seeks is not the change that America wants to see. His radical philosophies are dangerous to the principles of our constitution. After watching the week long program of Glen Beck about who surrounds our President, everything makes sense as to what Mr. Obama desires. The people he associates with are those who push Marxist ideals and communistic concepts. Now that they have control of our presidency, they intend to destroy the very fabric of our freedoms while hiding behind bogus organizations that have deceitful concepts.

These concepts which are being forced upon us fall back on one principle: controlling the people.  As you look at every bill coming out of Washington these days, you can see the underling intent to control the people. Healthcare is a major initiative that intends to control every aspect of the healthcare industry, including the overpowering of insurance companies. They say that this is good for competition. However, when one competitive side does not have to pay taxes, or is exempt from accountability of practice, it is not considered "competitive". Mr. Obama and his cronies are trying to get the people to think that insurance companies are bad because they are controlling medical coverage. Once Mr. Obama's healthcare takes over, it will be the government taking control of not only the industry but every person within the United States. This socialistic concept will not only destroy our prized healthcare industry, it will destroy America!

America is the land of innovation and dreams because the people are free to act upon those dreams. Immigrants from all over the world flock to the United States because they want the freedom to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, as Mr. Obama begins to establish policies that suppress the people, those dreams will begin to fade into the impossible. For someone with great dreams of owning their own business, their dreams turn into night mares as they are faced with huge taxes, heavy regulations, and financial burdens. Who will pay for Healthcare? We will. The American people will pay. Who does Mr. Obama think should cover the majority of the bill?  Those making over $250,000.

To some, $250,000 is a lot of money. But to the small business owner, this is not enough once the business owner pays for taxes, rent for facilities, investments and healthcare for his or her employees, and the cost of doing business. This is in conjunction to paying their own salary to provide for their families. The liberal might argue that if the government option for healthcare is establish, the business owner will not have to pay for their employees. This is so far from the truth. Remember, Mr. Obama wants the rich to pay the bill for healthcare. So, weather it is payment in the form of a premium for the healthcare or increased taxes, it is the same. They are just calling it something different. Oh the deceit of this bill!

The fundamental problem with this bill is that it takes away your freedom. The bill states that if you choose to not have healthcare coverage, that you will be fined a percentage of your income to help pay for the cost. There is no freedom in this bill if you are forced to participate in one form or another.

I praise all those brave Americans who are standing up in the town halls and holding the politicians accountable. It is sad to see these politicians ignore the people or to call them names like "a mob" or crazy radicals. These are people who want honest answers. They are people who are tired of their freedoms being squandered by politicians who get fat off of the incentives of lobbyists and interest groups. May we, the people, continue to force our leaders to stay true to our constitution. May we continue to call them and ask them questions that hold them accountable for every vote they make. May God continue to bless America with the cherished freedoms that our forefathers so bravely sacrificed. Continue the fight, America, for the next generation is watching us!


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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