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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Wake Up America!

As the main stream media continues to report the negative over the positive events occurring in Iraq, one must ask "Is America asleep?"  Why is it that one bomb explosion gains more attention than an Iraqi Mayor visiting troops in Colorado to thank them for saving his community?   Why is it that certain members of congress can get away with criticizing the Iraqi government for taking time off in the midst of a war, while they themselves are taking time off or campaigning for their own political gain while our soldiers are at war?  Again, why is it that the main stream media reports that Iraqi leaders are not doing anything to help their country progress when in fact the opposite is true?  One can only conclude that America is asleep. 

Yes, America is asleep.  The good things that our troops are doing throughout the world has fallen on deaf ears.  When individuals, groups, or political parties continue to cry defeat, or when the main stream media constantly focuses on the negative events, America is fooled into thinking that our troops are fighting a useless war which has failed to achieve any success. How sad it is to see America sleeping while the wolves of politics and the media destroy any hope that we CAN win the war. 

It is time to awaken the patriots of America.  It is time for the silent majority to open their mouths and say "no more!"  No more, will we stand by idle and listen to words that destroy our own patriotism and pride for our country. If we could only hear more words like these:

"The Iraqis, to me, were like American Soldiers.  We put the effort and countless hours into training them. We had the duty to help them as much as we would have a fellow American."”  Capt. John F. Vanlandingham
-- Second Lt. David Bradt

"I’m just a mechanic turning wrenches, but I helped get the Iraqi people out to vote in their elections … and that means something to me."
--SSG Matt Olson

"I want Americans to know that the service members are trying to do as we’ve been directed, and we really need their support. Whether they agree with the war or not, we are Americans trying to protect their safety and security in the United States, and we would greatly appreciate their support.”
-- Lt. Judith L. Lemley

These are the words from some of our most patriotic citizens.  These are they who ring the bells of freedom for all to hear.   While some politicians attempt to persuade Americans in thinking that the war is lost, our troops attempt to tell their fellow citizens that we CAN win this war.  They speak to us as a voice of hope.  As the main stream media attempts to persuade America that it's most cherished citizens are fighting a lost cause, our soldiers continue quietly day and night to make a difference for us and the world.  They are achieving great successes.   Wake up America, for your honored citizens ARE winning the war.  Please support them by telling everyone about their successes. 


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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