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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Where's Our Leadership?

As our troops fight each day to bring freedom to millions of people in the Middle East, some of our political leaders contend with their own fight.  A fight for power, fame, and riches.   These political leaders battle over petty issues and take our country down roads that skirt the real issues of our day.

Recently, political leaders have attempted to smear a popular radio talk show host over a statement.  They have spent more time and energy on this issue than they have in trying to help our troops win the war on terror.   They have used more "brain power" to persuade the American people on an issue that has obtained too much attention for their desired outcome.  They want an apology to prove a point.  An apology that has no bearing on the security of our nation and the issues at hand.  It is these same politicians that have been guilty of similar acts by comparing our troops to "nazis" and other degrading names.   They stand as if they are judges of our moral compass while they are snared in the trap of hypocrisy.   Oh, the hypocrisy of our political leaders!  How they squander our hard earned money as they abuse their powers to promote their own agendas! 

Where are our leaders who stand up for our troops and urge them to win?  Where are our leaders who encourage America to win rather than cowering to the enemy with sympathy?  There are few in congress that actually stand firm in supporting our troops.  Unfortunately, a good part of the majority talk big words but fail to take action openly to encourage our soldiers to win.  And, it is unfortunate that our media no longer reports the news as they attempt to twist the truth to support their own political views.

It is a shame that the will to win is no longer associated with America winning the war on terror.  It is all about winning the highest seat in the land.  It is about winning votes to promote an agenda that favors the enemy more than our troops who are fighting for our freedoms. The word "win" has become a political term to gain power over other political parties.   When will America find  a leader who dares to face our adversary with the conviction to win?  As you listen to the politicians selling their souls to various political parties, ask yourself if you would follow these politicians into battle.  A battle that demands unwavering leadership, and which bears no loyalty to polls or other irrelevant data. 

It is time that Americans stand up and hold our leaders accountable for the choices they make and the words which they speak from both sides of the isle.  It is time that we speak out and support and defend our troops who are fighting this war on terror.  If you have not yet given comfort to a soldier, a sailor, a marine, or an airman/airwoman, then start today.  Give a little to those who are giving a lot for this country.  Share their stories with friends and relatives that all might know that the cost of freedom is not free.  Be the leader that we desperately need in fighting this war on terror.  Please support the troops!


Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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