This site salutes all veterans for all wars who took up the charge to protect freedom.  Their sacrifice for freedom is the greatest sacrifice in perserving our liberties. May we never forget them.


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Freedom is not free. It is paid with every drop of blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women who serve or has served in the armed forces.

Will To Win!

Day in and day out, our troops are achieving great successes in spite of the enormous odds against them.  In Iraq, they face an evil opposition that kills without compassion.  They work around the clock to improve the infrastructure of a nation.  They extend the hand of fellowship to people who seek democracy and a chance for freedom.  They strive to improve the political structure of a nation that was brutalized by a tyrant.

On the home front and around the world, they face an array of mixed emotions for their efforts.  Some people greet them with open arms and praise them for their patriotism and heroic efforts.  Others protest against them and fear that they will be successful in the war.  Still, others use their successes or failures to promote their own political agendas. 

Whether they face the opposition in Iraq or around the world, our troops continue to achieve great successes on the war on terror.  In spite the many sacrifices, our troops continue to stand firm in fighting for our country.  It is our duty and honor to support them and to remember their efforts to keep this country free.  Here are a few of the brave that have marched down the road to freedom:

As the tactical air controller, Covel quickly made his way to his battle positions on the roof of an adjacent building so he could locate the enemy positions and direct air support. Insurgents were ready, and accurately fired on him as he crossed the short open space. As he described it later, “It felt for a moment like I was in some sort of movie, running as the dirt kicked up around me.” (Read the Story)

The AH-64 Apache helicopter pilots searched for insurgents from the air while the forces were on the ground moving from building to building, clearing the way and looking for the best location to set up an observation post. Within seconds of one Coalition Force squad entering a building, the pilots heard over the radio that an improvised explosive device (IED) had detonated. Lieutenant Salo said several Iraqi army soldiers were hurt, and most of the squad's communications equipment had been damaged or destroyed.(Read the Story)

On March 20, 2005, Pullen was driving one of three Humvees providing security for a 30-vehicle convoy traveling in Iraq. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary – which is often how the prelude to an ambush appears. Suddenly insurgents sprung a complex operation and began pouring heavy fire from multiple directions, stopping the convoy in its tracks. Pullen’s unit moved out from behind the convoy to flank the insurgents and prevent them from escaping. Pullen’s team began firing back. (Read the Story)

Chief Taggart, a submariner, was sent to Iraq in the summer of 2003 as a communications specialist. When he arrived, however, Taggart found that his background in law enforcement made him an obvious choice to take over as the Coalition Military Assistance Team’s PSD commander – a job that required him to form, train, and deploy the PSD forces. And a job that required versatility in widely diverse settings: patrolling busy streets, scouting dangerous roadways, and securing the sites before and after high-level meetings, whether in a municipal building or a palm grove. (Read the Story)

Everyday our troops our stepping up to the challenge to defend their country.  They are meeting this challenge with success.  As you enjoy the many benefits of freedom, remember that peace is the result of winning a war, and that freedom exists because of the many sacrifices made during that war.  Our troops will win because they have the WILL TO  WIN.  If you have the "will to win" then please support our troops by telling everyone about the great things that they are doing for our country, and for the world.

Sacrifice for free is not duty but an honor.

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